[Melbourne-pm] Data::Token

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Wed May 28 17:17:06 PDT 2008

Hey Guys

Do you find you have to create unique and secure tokens? I keep  
finding that. The conflict we face is that unique tokens are easy with  
Data::UUID but they are predictable and therefore no good for  
authentication or other secure tokens. So the usual practice is to add  
a secret and take an MD5 of that number. The down side of that is they  
are no longer guaranteed unique (although my understanding of MD5 is  
that the closer the original string the further away the MD5).

Anyway, the point is the algorithm you use tends to be simple, but  
often repeated, and may change as one learns issues (such as what to  
use as a secret seed, or better alternatives to MD5 etc).

So I have created Data::Token, which you can run like this:

perl -MData::Token -e 'print token, qq{\n}'

Could you guys have a review of the module and give me some feedback  
before I stick it on CPAN.



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