[Melbourne-pm] $SIG{CHLD}

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sun May 4 18:18:32 PDT 2008

Scott Penrose <scottp at dd.com.au> writes:
> Daniel Pittman wrote:
>     Scott Penrose <scottp at dd.com.au> writes:
>         To capture exit values of forked daemons and not end up with a set of
>         zombie processes, we need to set $SIG{CHLD} to either 'ignore' or do
>         it fully. 


>     Well, my very strong preference for doing /anything/ related to child
>     processes is to use the IPC::Run module.  


> THAT'S IT ! I knew I had seen a module around that I had used before,
> and I could not find it on CPAN, or remember it - sometimes getting
> the name right is tricky (better search for CPAN is another topic).

Mmmm.  For the audience there is also IPC::Run3, which aims to be
IPC::Run without the complexity; I don't advise it because the
complexity doesn't really slow you up or show up 'til you need it in the
larger module.

> Have you ever spent a day writing a module that does not exist on
> CPAN, only to find at the end of that day you gained enough knowledge
> to find the module that did exist on CPAN :-)

Oh, sure.  Happens all the time: I went looking for finance related
modules in CPAN just the other day, couldn't find what I wanted, and
only worked out which root to search when I read the documentation for
writing a plugin to another module...


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