[Melbourne-pm] Assorted follow-ups from Melbourne Pub Mongers

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Wed Mar 12 06:17:32 PDT 2008

G'day Everyone,

I have assorted follow-ups from our meeting tonight from Melbourne Pub Mongers.

* The evil, evil trick I showed off with regards to Fatal can be found at:


Please do *NOT* use this in production. It will be fixed in 5.10.1.

* Seriously, don't.  It's a bug, even if it is like PHP in reverse.

* The best TV right now is "Sarah Conner Chronicles".  It helps if you like 
Terminator.  It helps even more if you liked Terminator so much that you 
thought Terminator 3 was awful.

* Other best TV is "Big Bang Theory", which I discovered thanks to Nat 
Torkington and Skud.  First episode I thought was average, later episodes 
are great.

* Frets on Fire can be found at http://fretsonfire.sourceforge.net/

* The standard Frets on Fire client is rubbish.  Use the RF-mod at 
http://fretsonfire.wikidot.com/rf-mod instead.  Seriously, it rocks hard.

* My Frets on Fire high-scores can be found at 
http://www.prison.net/worldcharts/charts/playersFull/PJF/ .  If you beat my 
scores, let me know.

* Spoilers to the C-64 game "The Hobbit" can be found at 
http://bbc.nvg.org/doc/games/Hobbit-solution2.txt .  A window should be no 
obstacle to a thief with friends.

* Yes, I'm really doing a lexical Fatal.  Yes, it's much harder than it 
should be.

* Our Perl Tips (including What's New in Perl 5.10) can be found at 
http://perltraining.com.au/tips/ .  You can subscribe both by e-mail and by 
Atom feed.

* Our training manuals can be found at http://perltraining.com.au/notes.html 
.  If you find any mistakes I'll give you chocolate.

* My bookmarks in general can be found at http://del.icio.us/pfenwick . 
They provide a dark and twisted view into my mind.

* My blog can be found at http://pjf.id.au/blog/ .  Yes, the dance mat is 
real.  The half-a-joystick is real.  It really does work.

* The greasemonkey talk can be found at http://pjf.id.au/blog/?position=525 
and elsewhere.

* I use jaiku and twitter under the name of 'pjf' on both.  I'm not hard to 
find.  Let me know if you need invites.

* I'll be at Brisbane.pm next week if we can organise a meeting.

* I'll be at Sydney.pm in three weeks time.

* I'll be at Melbourne.pm in four weeks time!  See you there!

All the best,


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