[Melbourne-pm] The end of an Association

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Sat Mar 8 18:29:42 PST 2008

As Scott said, this stuff is not dissolving Melbourne Perl Mongers, just
removing the legal association status.  Everything will continue exactly has it
has been for the last year or so.  Regular members are unlikely to notice any
difference at all.

Scott Penrose wrote:

> The next step is closing up Melbourne Perl Mongers - which will require
> a meeting. I will get back to you with arrangements once I have read the
> fine print.

I understand that what is necessary is to call a Special General Meeting.  The
agenda (things to be voted on), date, time and place should be announced at the
time the SGM is called, and the notice has to go out with 21 days notice.

At the meeting the issue(s) are put to a vote and if the majority of (financial)
members agree to dissolving the association, then that's that.  I believe that
the public officer then needs to tell the government body which handles
associations that it's been wound up, and to correctly deal with any remaining
assets of the association.  Likewise bank accounts will need to be closed.

If I understand matters correctly, the association has about $100 in cash and no
other assets.  We could easily solve the problem of dealing with this asset by
spending it on the SGM.  ;)  Alternately we can vote on what to do with it at
the SGM.  If we aren't going to spend it, I'd suggest giving it to the Perl
Foundation, which *probably* fits within the rules of what we're allowed to do
with it.

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