[Melbourne-pm] [Sydney-pm] Who's using Perl 5.10?

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Thu Jun 12 21:15:56 PDT 2008

G'day (?:Syd|Melb|Canberra).pm,

Cross-posting, since Jacinta asked in a few different places.

Jacinta Richardson wrote (paraphrased):

 > Who uses Perl 5.10?

On Win32 native, I do.  It's dead easy to install, just grab Strawberry or 
ActiveState Perl and double-click.  It's also pretty important because my 
latest project[1] currently only runs under Perl 5.10.

On Win32 Cygwin, I have 5.8.8 installed natively (it's what cygwin comes 
with), and 5.11/blead installed in my dev area.

Unfortunately all my Unix boxes are still on 5.8, and all for pretty much 
the same reason as we've seen on some of the perl mongers lists already. 
Most of the unix distributions still come with 5.8, and doing my own 
packaging for 5.10 represents a huge amount of work.

The notable exception to this is RedHat, I believe the latest Fedora Core 
comes with 5.10 as standard.  I note that lenny (RedHat testing) is using 
5.10.  So I imagine that we'll see big 5.10 rollouts once Debian declare 
lenny to be stable.

Adam's note on Sydney.pm showing the huge number of 5.10 installs vs 5.8 is 
probably quite indicative of Win32 leading the charge.  Because there isn't 
a central package repository for Win32, it's easy to just grab the latest 
and greatest right now, rather than waiting for the packagers to catch up.



[1] autodie, see http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?autodie for documentation 
and download, and http://pjf.id.au/blog/?position=540 for the video.

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