[Melbourne-pm] How to build a local module repository

Patrick Donelan pat at patspam.com
Sun Jun 1 21:21:24 PDT 2008

> > PS on a related note; we've also thought about installing CPAN modules
> > on new boxes by simply copying the perl/site directory from a working
> > box. Assuming that the OS matches down to the patch level, is this a
> > safe approach?
> Well, you'll hit the same problems as we do with PAR when there are
> .dll/.so
> or other dependencies that don't necessarily live in perl/site.  It also
> sounds rather difficult when it comes to backing out the changes; with a
> .par file you just delete the file.
> I've not tried copying the directories myself, so YMMV.

WebGUI does the "copy the directory" thing for its "runtime environment"
distribution, they bundle up a build of perl with a custom install dir, all
required cpan modules, MySQL, Apache, etc.. into a subdir and then make that
available for download (on a per-linux-distro basis). Co-exists fairly well
next to your system perl, and you can easily backup/move your entrie web
environment between machines.

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