[Melbourne-pm] How to build a local module repository

Patrick Donelan pat at patspam.com
Sun Jun 1 20:52:11 PDT 2008

Brian d foy wrote about using CPAN::Mini to do something similar in the Fall
2007 issue of The Perl Review (first page sample available
There's been a few blog posts recently about CPAN::Mini (Perlbuzz etc..)
which Google should turn up, and I can bring along my copy of TPR to the
next meeting if you don't have one to hand. I haven't tried it myself so not
sure if it will solve your problem, but might be a good place to start.


Patrick Donelan

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 1:24 PM, Ian Macdonald <ickphum at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I was wondering if people had good solutions for distributing internal code
> and known-to-work CPAN modules through a local repository. We have linux &
> WinXP boxes on site and up to now the CPAN modules we need (60+) have been
> installed on the WinXP boxes with a combination of CPAN and PPM, which has
> been painful due to dependencies, availability of up-to-date PPM modules,
> etc.
> Code distribution for our internal code has been done by shared drives for
> the WinXP boxes; our newer work has been on linux and we've just been
> installing the code separately on each machine, which will bite us
> eventually.
> We're currently trialling Strawberry Perl as an alternative to ASPerl, and
> we were looking to fix our code distribution at the same time by using
> CPAN::Site to create a local repository holding our local code and any CPAN
> modules we wished to freeze w.r.t. their versions; we've had several
> instances where upgrades to CPAN modules have caused regression failures or
> inconsistencies in our system. This way, all boxes could be installed with a
> single cpan bundle and any OS-specific issues can be handled in the relevant
> module's makefile.
> Does anybody have any better ideas, or can see problems with where we're
> going?
> PS on a related note; we've also thought about installing CPAN modules on
> new boxes by simply copying the perl/site directory from a working box.
> Assuming that the OS matches down to the patch level, is this a safe
> approach?
> --
> Ian Macdonald
> datacomIT
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