[Melbourne-pm] An old one but an important one

leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au
Sun Jan 20 14:43:04 PST 2008

I wonder  if there's a way to hook into $& and family, to see stack
traces where they are used ? Being global, can you tie them to something
useful ?


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> Hey Dudes,
> I was fixing a performance problem with our portal. It was taking 2 or
> 3 minutes to render an HTML form. I narrowed it down to the 
> fact that this particular form had a 500K XML file to parse, 
> and it did it 10 times. If the duplicate parsing and size 
> wasn't bad enough, it was the hidden problem.
> Making command line code that did EXACTLY the same thing (so I
> thought) it ran in sub 1 second. So what was going on.
> After a full day of debugging I narrowed it down to one 
> module Filter::Simple, only it wasn't, it was Text::Balanced
> And after even more work I found the real problem - "$&" 
> after a regular expression.
> Yep - it is a known killer of regular expression performance, 
> but here is the actual differences:
> (env53) vmwmi1:~/simple# time perl test_direct.pl
> 	Fake loop start - size 488604
> 	Fake loop end - for 21581
> 	real	0m26.586s
> 	user	0m9.305s
> 	sys	0m17.269s
> (env53) vmwmi1:~/simple# time perl test_direct.pl
> 	Fake loop start - size 488604
> 	Fake loop end - for 21581
> 	real	0m0.131s
> 	user	0m0.112s
> 	sys	0m0.012s
> Yep, even including compile time, and reading the file from 
> disk - the time goes from 0.012s to 26.58 second - that is 
> 2000 times slower !
> So... take heed !
> 	Don't use $&, $` or $'
> But more importantly - check the modules you use on CPAN.
> Scooter
> P.S. I have removed all uses in our code, and still it has a 
> problem, so I suspect there is yet another CPAN module using one.
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