[Melbourne-pm] Melbourne.pm venue needed!

Rick Measham rick at measham.id.au
Wed Feb 20 17:37:18 PST 2008

Paul Fenwick wrote:
> To start, I'd like to float the idea of Pub Mongers.  In brief, we find a 
> pub with a spare function room and scrounge a projector from somewhere. 

I love the idea of pub mongers and am happy to take it further. Doing 
talks-over-dinner-and-drinks would be much easier for me as the night 
would generally finish earlier.

How does South Melbourne sound to people? There are a couple of pubs on 
or near Clarendon Street that I can approach. Some might have projectors 
others not, but we have a projector at work that I imagine could be 

One thing that I think is fairly important would be access to the 'net.

What would people think of getting a dongle from 3/Voda/Telstra on one 
of those $29/month deals? I'd also to offer to write to the same 
organisation and see if any of them are willing to 'sponsor' the dongle. 
Alternately maybe someone already has one that they'd be willing to 
provide to the group for one evening a month (I can't imagine there'd be 
much traffic)

Rick Measham
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