[Melbourne-pm] Apache2::Filter::RE

Ryan, Martin G Martin.G.Ryan at team.telstra.com
Sun Feb 10 17:33:34 PST 2008

>>> There is no need to use a reverse-proxy to cache results from
>> Is that a full stop at the end of that sentence?  :-)
> You misquoted a little, by cutting the rest of the email - 
> which coveres when to use and when not to.

Well, at the risk of being pedantic, I would say "seletively quoted" -
whatever - as long as you undertand that it wasn't my intention to
missrepresent you.  That is to say, my confusion was genuine.

Many thanks for taking the time to give your reply - I found it both
useful and interesting.

> Remind me and I will tell you how it goes :-)

You can count on it. :-)


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