[Melbourne-pm] Australia's garbage computer training offerings

John Thornton jdthornton at ozemail.com.au
Sun Dec 28 20:35:46 PST 2008


                        I have scoured the earth looking for any Australian
computer trainers that can meet my needs. I am a maths graduate who's
starting programming as a beginner. I have messed about with python, java
and perl. 


                       Cost is not a real issue. I am prepared to pay for a
good course taught by people who know their stuff. More important is to do a
course online that covers the specifics of programming: OOP, applets etc.
The language also isn't that important. I would even be prepared to give
Perl another go in spite of my expressed distaste for it on this list! The
learning style matters - those 5 day intensive things are no good for me.
Rather, I prefer a course that is spread out over time. 


                      TAFE is too vague in its course descriptors.
Postgraduate uni costs the earth and I don't understand that fee help
business. I am reluctant to take a chance on a course for fear of not
getting what, I assume, is one of a very limited number of fee help places.


                      So, as a last resort I have had to look overseas even
with losses through exchange rates. There are no courses online in Australia
that meet my needs, as undemanding as I consider my needs to be. Thus I have
found an excellent overseas online course from the US and have enrolled. It
teaches all programming including Perl. But I will be starting with a
general intro course on OOP. I won't say what the school is - that may not
be appropriate on this list. But to give the most unsubtle attempt at a
cryptic clue you would be Irish if you couldn't guess it. 


                     I am both disappointed and surprised at the lack of IT
offerings in Australia. With all due respect to the people reading this who
teach Perl, you are not focused on people like me. Rather, your market is
corporate where the employer pays for the training and the employee takes 5
days off work to do intensive Perl training. In itself that is not
objectionable since it's a valid market. But it does zap out people like me.


                   Paul Keating spoke of Australia being the clever country.
In the world of IT training we are the very very dumb country.   



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