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Tim Hogard thogard at abnormal.com
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It looks like you took my terseness the wrong way. Sorry about that.
Here is more detailed answers...

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> Mr Hogard
>           Yes, I agree with you if you are saying that I am rank amateur at
> Perl, or for that matter computing in general. Frankly, I wouldn't know the
> front end of a computer from the back end. 
There are serveral reasons perl jobs don't appear to be common.

Not saying you are.  I was just saying we don't advertise where we
have to weed out the amatures and I've found most of the popular
job sites are full of jobs seekers who aren't up to the task.  Seek
has its place but most jobs at higher levels tend to have a different
recruitment method.  For example I tend to recruit out of local
computer clubs.

We tend to hire coders that have experence in assembly.  Not that
we use it much, but a coder that has some experence in that tends
to understand what is behind seemingly innocent statements that
may blow out to millions of CPU cycles.

Perl started out as a mix between the unix programs sed and awk 
wrapted in a shell.  sed and awk have been the core tools for doing
complex system administration tasks for years but its rare for
upper managment to know those program exist let alone that there
was need to write them.

I've found that perl program tend to get written and then be done.
I've found projects written in a more OOD style and less procedural
tend to go on forever.  Projects that are never done and always
late need more people so they get more ads.

>           If someone like Mr Hogard thinks that I have no place in the elite
> perl clique of this mailing list then I think is both sad and foolish on his
> part. 

Sorry if you took that the wrong way.  Even those of us who have
been using perl forever use these lists to learn new wthings.  Not
long ago someone in this list pointed out a bug in my code with the
"||" vs "or".

I have a simple cgi framework here:
It uses no modules, is very quick and might give you a place to undersand
how data flows.  There are plenty on the list would argue there are much
better ways of doing cgi but that was how it was done before the cool modules.

Sorry about the misunderstanding.  


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