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Timothy S. Nelson wayland at wayland.id.au
Fri Aug 22 02:02:27 PDT 2008

On Fri, 22 Aug 2008, John Thornton wrote:

> That is an interesting pt.
> I am primarily trying to learn php and/or perl as part of my studies as a
> graphics student. The broad intent is to be able to combine dreamweaver with
> formatting websites. Apache, mysql etc only came into the learning process
> because the VTC tutorials use apache in their examples.
> The tutor in the VTC sections on Perl and php recommends that I do all of
> this on my PC. I have no idea if that is good advice but being a beginner I
> followed it.
> So there is absolutely no reason why I couldn't get a cheap web host and do
> it that way of it's easier. Even a free webhost wouldn't worry me. Ads, a
> lack of customer service, no reliability etc - all the banes of free
> webhosting - don't matter to me for this is a student activity for my own
> benefit; it's not an exercise of setting up any website for a business etc.
> I agree with you that this seems to be doing it the hard way. I have no
> qualifications or experience in setting up apache etc. Using an external
> host/server could be easier. I have never had one so I have idea which 1 to
> get. Any suggestions? :)

 	Nothing specific, but I recommend one that has HTML::Mason installed; 
it's a set of Perl modules that allow Perl to be embedded in HTML pages; kinda 
like PHP, but better :).

 	I've been using a crowd called "Nearly Free Speech" (nfsn.net). 
They're an ultra-cheap webhost.  Their service to me has been quite good -- 
they expect me to know what I'm doing, but they happily help with stuff that 
can only be done by them.  They also have a good set of Perl modules 
installed, and will install more if you have specific ones that you want. 
They don't have mod_perl, but at the price, you can't have everything.


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