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John Thornton jdthornton at ozemail.com.au
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Another poster just said that there is a Jon Thornton in this Perl group -
no relation!!


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On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 06:07:50PM +1000, John Thornton wrote:
> He is no relation to me! Nobody else in my family has the remotest
> in computer programming or indeed computers at all! 

I'm sorry, you've confused me with that. Who are you talking about?

> Here is my post again in HTML. [I am used to putting it in plain text in
> case other people cannot handle the HTML.] 

I think this list will vastly prefer the plain-text version, so there's no
to re-post the HTML version - but thanks for thinking of us.

> I am prepared to put in amount of work to learn Perl including reading
> etc.

The "Learning Perl" book, ISBN 978-0596520106, is the classic text for such.

Also, locally to Melbourne http://perltraining.com.au/ run courses on Perl.


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>        Hello
>             This is my first post on this Perl list. I am a 33 years young
> postgraduate student of computer graphics: Indesign, photoshop etc. 
>             I have never attempted any computer programming before this
> year. With an eye to webdesign/web programming I have spent this year
> to learn some of the easier [?] programming languages. I don't know much
> about computers and it's more luck than management if I put something in
> correct directory.
>             This year I played with python 2.5 a little bit. Then I found
> that I have in my graphics course access to ALL of the VTC [Virtual
> Company] online tutorials including ones in computer programming in lots
> languages. So I installed apache 2.2, php, ruby, java IDE and perl.
> Yesterday I installed perl [latest stable version] fully. 
>             So far, working through the VTC tutorial on Perl, I have
> succeeded in testing my helloworld.pl program on the windows command line.
> But I have failed to make hello world appear in my Firefox browser. I have
> tried to follow the instructions in this VTC tutorial but I only get "that
> url is not found on this server" in my window. Apache is definitely
> Anyone could probably attempt the same tutorials on the VTC site; the
> ones for perl are open to guest log ins without payment. Interestingly,
> I tried to get the php going in the browser last week, I got the
> appearing in the browser. I am told on another forum that I might have to
> change the apache config files to get PHP working. That's beyond me. That
> or, I am told, I could download php, apache and perl again from the XAMPP
> site. Now, if Idid that would I ruin my PC or Apache? Isn't it bad to
> download something twice? What would happen to the Apache services that
> being run now? 
>              If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on any of this I
> would be pleased to hear them. But bear in mind that I am not a computer
> person. I try to be one and succeed as often as I fail.
>              Yours sincerely
>              John , Melbourne, Vic.            

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