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He is no relation to me! Nobody else in my family has the remotest interest
in computer programming or indeed computers at all! 


Here is my post again in HTML. [I am used to putting it in plain text in
case other people cannot handle the HTML.] 


I am prepared to put in amount of work to learn Perl including reading books




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            This is my first post on this Perl list. I am a 33 years young
postgraduate student of computer graphics: Indesign, photoshop etc. 


            I have never attempted any computer programming before this
year. With an eye to webdesign/web programming I have spent this year trying
to learn some of the easier [?] programming languages. I don't know much
about computers and it's more luck than management if I put something in the
correct directory.


            This year I played with python 2.5 a little bit. Then I found
that I have in my graphics course access to ALL of the VTC [Virtual Training
Company] online tutorials including ones in computer programming in lots of
languages. So I installed apache 2.2, php, ruby, java IDE and perl.
Yesterday I installed perl [latest stable version] fully. 


            So far, working through the VTC tutorial on Perl, I have
succeeded in testing my helloworld.pl program on the windows command line.
But I have failed to make hello world appear in my Firefox browser. I have
tried to follow the instructions in this VTC tutorial but I only get "that
url is not found on this server" in my window. Apache is definitely working.
Anyone could probably attempt the same tutorials on the VTC site; the early
ones for perl are open to guest log ins without payment. Interestingly, when
I tried to get the php going in the browser last week, I got the formatting
appearing in the browser. I am told on another forum that I might have to
change the apache config files to get PHP working. That's beyond me. That
or, I am told, I could download php, apache and perl again from the XAMPP
site. Now, if Idid that would I ruin my PC or Apache? Isn't it bad to
download something twice? What would happen to the Apache services that are
being run now? 


             If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on any of this I
would be pleased to hear them. But bear in mind that I am not a computer
person. I try to be one and succeed as often as I fail.


             Yours sincerely

             John , Melbourne, Vic.            

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