[Melbourne-pm] Geek accomodation

Brad Bowman list at bereft.net
Thu Sep 20 19:32:19 PDT 2007

Renting Secrets of the Perl Gurus (tm)

Our two day program will teach you all you need to know to prosper
in today's cut-throat rental market while fulfilling your human 
potential and expelling harmful Engrams.

You will learn our patented "9 Steps To Domesticity" under the 
guidance of one of our accredited Perl Monks.  The content will
be individually tailored to your renting needs.

Come to our free introductory seminar, then attend our full program
for only $6,600.
> That email message was a brilliant summary of what to do right! We just
> need to make sure that it doesn't get out into the wild, or renting would
> be so much harder ;)

Another tip, just between you and me, if you apply for one place and
the agency checks your references, then even if you don't get it or
decide to turn it down, you'll still be on file.  You can then save
them work next time by saying "You've already checked me".  

I did this accidentally and ended up with the second place I applied
for (admittedly in easier times).


 Bravery and cowardice are not things which can be conjectured in times
 of peace.  They are in different categories. -- Hagakure

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