[Melbourne-pm] Geek accomodation

Toby Corkindale tjc at wintrmute.net
Wed Sep 19 09:26:18 PDT 2007

Daniel Pittman wrote:
> Toby Corkindale <tjc at wintrmute.net> writes:
>> It was great to meet you the other week.. I'm back in Adelaide now,
>> but it looks like I'll be back in Melbourne even sooner than I
>> expected, as I've provisionally accepted a job offer in Melbourne..
>> Another geekfriend in Melbourne said that I may have trouble renting a
>> place on my own, as my rental history is all London based, as will be
>> my work history. Do you know if that is realistically the case?
> I can warn you that the housing market in Melbourne, especially in the
> inner city area, is awful to be looking for a place in; my partner and I
> have the ill luck to be hunting at the moment.
> I don't imagine the biggest problem will be the rental history being
> discarded so much as your needing to compete with twenty to fifty other
> applications on any property you care to name.

Ouch, really?
Do they pull a name out of a hat to decide, or take the person they
think scores highest on some set of attributes?


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