[Melbourne-pm] Any Adelaide Perl Mongers out there?

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Tue Sep 11 20:30:58 PDT 2007

Ryan, Martin G wrote:

>>> .. and although I must have missed the mail originally, I see
> there's a
>>> meeting on the 8th of August, which I should be around for.
> Excellent!
>> There's a meeting on the 11th September and again on the 10th October,
> Was the meeting last night instead of the usual Wednesday?  Or is the
> above a typo?

It's a typo.  My apologies.  The meeting is tonight.  There should have been an 
announcement by one of the committee members last week but I guess they've all 
been really busy.  I'll put something together now.


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