[Melbourne-pm] SGM on Future status (was RE: This week?)

Alec Clews alecclews at gmail.com
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I am in US so cannot attend Skud's talk -- I'm having my own 'holiday', 3
weeks of training and consulting :-(. 

However the SGM is a good idea. Had anyone 'asked' the OSDC committee if
this is something they want to take further? They may want to minute that

I guess the only requirement for the SGM is a) That's is quorate, b) Enough
notice is given to the financial membership and c) there is a motion to vote

How's this for a motion

"Melbourne Perl Mongers should dissolve as an association and hand over all
its assets to the Open Source Developers Conference Association (OSDC) and
in future Melbourne Perl Mongers will be a special interest group of the
OSDC for all financial and legal purposes"

Alec Clews <alecclews at gmail.com>

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Scott Penrose wrote:

> We planning anything for this week?

Yup, Skud's giving a talk entitled "What I Did On My Holidays" as per her
email dated 29/08/07 05:34.  Perhaps we should have an announcement.

We also need to arrange a Special General Meeting regarding the state of the
association.  Perhaps that should be done at the October meeting?

All the best,

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