[Melbourne-pm] Pls explain?

Brendon Oliver brendon.oliver at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 17:50:44 PDT 2007

On Wednesday 24 October 2007 10:34:50 you wrote:
> >
> >     my $job_name = "backfill_" if $backfill;
> This line above is like writing:
> 	my $a if $b;
> So the lexical variable $a only springs into existence if $b is true. 
> Therefore (since $backfill isn't true)
> >     $job_name .= "migrate_$n";
> this must be the global $job_name; hence the behaviour you see.  

Yes, but with 'use strict', where is this "global" $job_name declared? (there 
is none at the main:: scope) That's the bit that was puzzling me...

> There is a 
> (lame) excuse for why you don't get strict errors and warnings, but I don't
> remember what it is, and personally I think it's a bug.


> You can fix get_name_1 by doing:

Yep, already did a similar work-around.  

Anyways, no big drama - just sort of an itch I couldn't scratch because I 
hadn't come across this before.

Thanks for the reply tho.


- Brendon.

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		-- F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Crack Up"

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