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More surveying!

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Hi all,

If you haven't already filled in the Open Source Census for your company (or
yourself) then please note you only have till next Friday to get in and
finish it. It only take about 10 - 15 minutes (depending on how detailed you
are) and will really help raise the profile of our industry and community.

We have a PR company working with us on the launch, which will be in
February, and we plan to have this reported in the general business and
Government media, not just the tech media, so we all will benefit from
participation :)

Thank you to those who have already completed their surveys! We are well on
the way to reaching our target numbers, but we need more.

All details are here:


Please click on the "industry" button for companies and "community" for
individuals, and please encourage your technical and community people to
also fill in the community census as individuals.

Thanks all! The report will be freely available in February for everyone.


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