[Melbourne-pm] OSDC 2007's Fabulous Keynotes!

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Fri Nov 16 01:03:16 PST 2007

Dear Melbourne PM members,

Final reminder!  Register now for the Open Source Developers' Conference 2007:

Key information:

        26th November           - Tutorials
        27th - 29th November    - Technical programme
        28th November           - Google Conference Dinner

        Royal on the Park Hotel
        Cnr Alice & Albert Streets
        Brisbane CBD

Each full registration ($325) includes one dinner ticket (until sold out).
Single day tickets are also available for $150.  Check out our tutorial program
at http://www.cgpublisher.com/conferences/107/web/program-detail.html

Keynote talks this year include:

Rusty Russell:	    "C: A Humbling Language"
Some languages have beautiful constructs and elegant power. Others
have novelty and fresh ideas. Surely C is a sometimes-necessary evil,
and been around so long that there's nothing new to discover about it?
So what kind of retarded masochist would select C as their language of
choice? And why?

Rasmus Lerdorf:     "Exploring the Broken Web"
XSS and XSRF has been a thorn in the side of the web for years now.
Rasmus will show some very common mistakes people make and tie it to
the real world by showing a vulnerability in actual sites.

Paul Fenwick:       "An Illustrated History of Failure"
The average individual is given little scope for failure, at least not
the type that really matters. The opportunity for catastrophic
failure, that influences nations or continents, has been traditionally
reserved for royalty, parliament, and others in a position of great

However in recent times we have developed a profession who have the
opportunity to fail like never before. A profession that can make
mistakes that are so monumental, so wide-reaching, and so costly they
can shake civilisation to its very core. This elite group, rarely seen
by every day society, are the foundation upon which modern society
depends. The few, the proud, the Software Developer.

Join us for a voyage of discovery, as we travel back through history
to some of the most monumental failures the world has ever seen.

Jonathan Oxer:	    "Software Freedom: Pragmatic Idealism?"
The Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) community is incredibly diverse with a
corresponding variety of reasons for participation. At one end of the scale is
dreamy idealism, which aims to free all information for the good of mankind. At
the other end is economic pragmatism, which sees Open Source as a powerful
business opportunity and software development model.

Is there common middle ground where both ends of the spectrum can meet? Can Free
Software really can be Pragmatic Idealism? And what are we doing as a country in
terms of building a sustainable local ICT industry?

Be a part of this fantastic conference and help it be the best developers'
conference this year!  If your business would like to benefit from exposure
to many of Australia's best open source developers then perhaps you should
consider sponsorship.  We have a wide range of sponsorship options, to find
out more information please visit:

	Jacinta Richardson 
	OSDC Publicity Officer

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