[Melbourne-pm] Don't get off a winning horse [was: Re: NEW VENUE! Meeting next week 14th November]

Tony Smith ts at meme.com.au
Tue Nov 13 20:57:40 PST 2007

I'm the last one to try to understate the roles of Scott, Jacinta and  
Paul in reviving and sustaining Melbourne PM. The record (non Damian)  
numbers on recent second Wednesdays underline the success of those  

So we are now in a position strong enough to (I hope and expect)  
survive a change of venue. But that only underlines that this is not  
the right time to even contemplate a change of date from that on  
which increasing numbers have shown themselves willing to join us.

There was once a fledgling MySQL Meetup that clashed on second  
Wednesdays. I got to their April(?) 2006 meeting because we time  
shifted Melbourne PM for that month only and may have encouraged them  
to try a change to third Wednesday which effectively killed the group  
for more than a year until Tristan quite recently took it on himself  
to revive it, so far successfully.

There will always be clashes no matter which date we chose. I have a  
long standing second Tuesday commitment which prevents me going to  
something else, but that's just how it is. A date change might be  
worth a thought for a struggling group, but definitely not for a  
thriving one in the middle of a venue change.

On 14/11/2007, at 2:29 PM, Jacinta Richardson wrote:

> Scott Penrose wrote:
>> Hey Guys
>> Sorry I am going to miss the meeting again today. Amanda works on  
>> Wednesday
>> and I look after Teha, unfortunately even if I left as soon as she  
>> gets home
>> I would not be in the city until 8pm.
> MPM was originally planned on Wednesday nights due to your and  
> Paul's original
> schedule (somewhat related to channel 7's then scheduling of  
> Buffy).  If all
> Wednesdays into the foreseeable future are going to be bad for you,  
> we could
> change our meeting night....  we just need to check our other  
> constraints.
> MelbPHP is on the first Thursday of the month, and SAGE-AU Vic is  
> on the second
> Tuesday.  What else do people go to?
> Perhaps the first or third Tuesday, or second or third Thursday  
> would be good
> options?
> All the best,
> 	J

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