[Melbourne-pm] NEW VENUE! Meeting next week 14th November

Scott Penrose scottp at linux.dd.com.au
Tue Nov 13 17:48:26 PST 2007

Hey Guys

Sorry I am going to miss the meeting again today. Amanda works on Wednesday and I look after Teha, unfortunately even if I left as soon as she gets home I would not be in the city until 8pm.

Anyway I hope the new venue is great and the talks are exciting :-)

Some news:

* OSDC 2007 has been organised very well and will be on at the end of the month (anyone going up?)
* OSDC 2008 venue is being requested now, hope to have an answer there soon (we have at least 2 interested parties).
* OSDC Inc has agreed in principle about being the association for Melbourne PM - keep and distribute money etc, just working out the details :-)

Have a great night guys, and hopefully in the future I will be able to get in on Wednesday evenings.

We have some ideas on December get together - including the PHP guys - any ideas, send them to the list (my preference is a beach somewhere, or at least a park).


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