[Melbourne-pm] NEW VENUE! Meeting next week 14th November

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Thu Nov 8 14:33:17 PST 2007

G'day everyone,

Next week's meeting will be at a new venue!  Thanks go to Editure for hosting 
our meetings for so many years, without their assistance we would not have been 
successful as we are!  And thanks too to REA for hosting this coming meeting. 
Our meeting will be at:

	6:30pm, Wednesday 14th November 2007

	678 Victoria Street

You can find a map here:  http://preview.tinyurl.com/355zl5  You can catch an 
Epping or Hurstbridge train (non-express) to North Richmond and walk about 600m, 
or catch a 109 Mont Albert tram along Victoria Street.

Meeting talks:

Not common enough optimisations - Jacinta Richardson

We're all warned against premature code optimisation, and that's fair. 
Optimising too early can make the code more complex and hard to maintain without 
any evidence as to whether it actually makes it faster. A lot of the time it 
really is better just to write the code and worry about optimisation when/if 
speed becomes an issue.

On the other hand all programmers ought to understand the concepts behind Big-O 
notation and algorithmic complexity. Applying these concepts to your code can 
actually help make it both more simple and faster at the same time. It may mean 
not going with the first solution you think of, but once you've got the concepts 
worked out, making these simple changes to your coding style will allow you to 
reap huge benefits.

If you'd like to give a talk too, please speak up!  Bring along anyone who you 
think would enjoy the meeting.

All the best,


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