[Melbourne-pm] Talks for next meeting -- AGM reminder

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Sun May 13 17:44:07 PDT 2007

G'day everyone,

Our next meeting: Wednesday, 13th June will be our yearly AGM.  We'll need to 
elect positions for:

	Position		Currently held by
	President		Scott Penrose
	Vice President		Leif Eriksen
	Secretary		Paul Fenwick
	Treasurer		Ben Marsh
	Ordinary Member (x3)	Simon Taylor
				Jacinta Richardson
				Alfie John

The duties of each of these roles are rather light.  We have a very small sum of 
money (possibly less than $100) which Ben will tell us about in the treasurer's 
report.  There should be at least two committee meetings a year, but there's not 
a lot of business to discuss so it's pretty light on the secretary too.  Scott's 
suggesting that each committee member take charge of organising one or two 
meetings a year, so that noone has to do it all the time.

Paul will be posting the current meeting agenda soon.  If you're interested in a 
position on the committee you can use the nomination form at:
http://perl.net.au/wiki/Melbourne_Perl_Mongers/Nomination_Form_2006 (although 
you'll want to change the date.  To nominate, accept a position or vote you need 
to be an actual Melbourne Perl Mongers Association member.  This means you've 
filled in a membership form and paid the fee (it used to be $10 it might be less 
now).  We can fix this up on the night.

Nominations have to be sent to the current committee a week before the actual 
AGM.  Based on last year this would be:
	Melbourne Perl Mongers,
	C/- Editure
	PO Box 650,
	Carlton South, 3053.
by COB the 6th of June.  If you're having difficulty getting two members to sign 
your own nomination, I'm sure that Scott and Ben at Editure will be happy to 
sign for you.

I have good reason to expect that the AGM won't take more than about 30 minutes, 
so it would be really good to also have one longish, or two short talks as well. 
  If you have one you'd be willing to give, please speak up!  (*nudge Kirrily 

All the best,


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