[Melbourne-pm] emulating ctelnet?

Malcolm Herbert melbourne-pm at mjch.net
Wed Mar 28 23:15:34 PDT 2007

OK, Sun have an X11-based tool for managing hosts in a cluster called
ctelnet. This opens a number of normal-looking telnet windows and one
smaller text-input window. When each of the individual telnet windows
has focus, keyboard interaction happens with that window only. When the
text-input window is in use, the keyboard output goes to all of the
telnet windows at once.

I'd like to do something similar, but with any command rather than just
telnet and without needing X11 - I'd prefer to run it under screen, if

I seem to remember talking to someone about this problem before and
being pointed at a Perl package which provided something similar. Does
anyone know what I'm talking about?

I ask here because of Paul's intriguing use of the perl module to
simulate typing, which I'm guessing would be at least part of the
solution I'm after if I have to build it myself ...

Annoyingly this feature sounds like something that would be perfect to
add to screen as it's probably 95% of the way to supporting it already
but i'm told that even the merest look at the code for screen will cause
blindness, so I haven't done that yet ... :)


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