[Melbourne-pm] Melbourne Perl Mongers AGM *tonight*

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Tue Jun 12 21:25:25 PDT 2007

(Sent on behalf of Paul Fenwick just in case this gets through faster)

What:		Melbourne Perl Mongers AGM
When:		*TONIGHT* 6:30pm
Where:		Level 8, 14 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne
Includes:	Awesome fun and AGM!

Melbourne Perl Monger's Annual General Meeting

Tonight's MPM is a very important one, as we have to have
our AGM as well as all the normal talks and demos we have. We (the MPM
committee) hope we can keep the AGM part of the meeting short, but there are
a few things we need to have the membership do.

Most importantly, the continued existence of the Melbourne Perl Mongers
as a formally registered Association (with all the legal weight and
responsibilities that entails) will be discussed.

We're not talking about ending MPM, just the part where we're formally
registered with the state government.

The Association was formed to allow MPM to have a bank account, one of
the precursors to MPM organising the OSDC in 2004. But now the OSDC has
its own legal entity, freeing the MPM association from one of its
primary raison d'etre.

The other primary one is just the protection of the membership from
legal schenanigans e.g. some one suing because they fell over at a
meeting etc. Even with the spin-out of the OSDC, there may well be a
case to continue the association, just for this contingency alone.

Agenda for MPM Meeting
1. Welcome from President
2. Commence AGM
	Agenda for AGMmeeting:
	* President's report
	* Treasurer's report
	* Discussion of most appropriate legal entity
	  for MPM, if any.  This may result in a motion.
	* If the MPM as an association still exists after any motion
		* Positions declared vacant
                * Nominations
                * Voting for new office holders

3. Talks et al
4. Pub ahoy!

=== Talks ===

Unfortunately our scheduled speaker, Leif Eriksen, is unable to attend the
meeting at late notice.  If you've ever wanted to speak at Melb.PM, now's a
great time to raise your hand.  ;)

Failing alternate speakers, I have some material on race conditions, how
they can result in Bad Things, and techniques on avoiding them.  If you're
all really eager, I can even get into how to use Perl to pass temporary,
anonymous files[1] between processes for high grade information security.

Hope to see you all tonight!


[1] These are real files, but they don't have names, and consequently don't
exist in the traditional sense on the filesystem.

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