[Melbourne-pm] OSDC 2004 photos on-line

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Mon Jan 22 20:21:45 PST 2007

G'day Everyone,

I know this may be a little late, but I've finally got my OSDC 2004
photos up on flickr:


They're also tagged with "osdc2004" to make it easier for searching.

I've tried to put names to faces (and back of heads, for that matter) as
much as possible.

If you object (for any reason, maybe your hair was out of place) to any
photograph about you, let me know and I'll fix it or pull it from the

All OSDC 2004 photos are dual-licensed under the CC-SA and GFDL with no
invariant sections, front-cover texts, or back-cover texts.  Anyone with
a flickr account can also add tags, comments, and make other edits.

Any photo with a title of "???" or a tag of "unknown" means I've been
unable to put a face.  If you do recognise anyone, please add a comment
to the photo to let me know.



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