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Guy Morton guy at alchemy.com.au
Thu Feb 15 15:58:16 PST 2007

That works almost as goodly as the Mac's speech recognition... :-)  
Great novelty for the showroom, but completely useless.


On 16/02/2007, at 9:45 AM, michael milewski wrote:

> hmm, I thought everyone would be moving up to Vista with word  
> recognition
> Video: Writing Perl Scripts Using Vista Speech Recognition
> http://www.dvorak.org/blog/?p=9803
> On 2/14/07, Hamish Carpenter <Hamish.Carpenter at its.monash.edu.au>  
> wrote:
> Kirrily Robert wrote:
> > A question for those of you working full-time in Perl  
> development: may I
> > enquire as to the size of your team, and what desktop environment 
> (s) your
> > team uses?
> I work at Monash University on their portal which is written in  
> mod_perl and HTML::Mason. We have a team of approximately 12  
> developers, including 3 senior developers.
> All development work occurs (via ssh) on our development server  
> which is running Linux (like what Gerard said).
> Most developers run the Monash SOE (standard operating environment)  
> which is currently Windows XP SP2. They predominately use PuTTY to  
> ssh into the development server and edit code using Vim. A single  
> developer uses the Komodo IDE which is x-forwarded to windows from  
> the development server (these are the only editors installed on the  
> development server).
> Oddly enough (IMHO) for a team of perl developers, only two people  
> run linux (ubuntu) as their primary operating system. Of these two,  
> one uses vim remotely and the other uses eclipse with the EPIC perl  
> editor plug in via an NFS mount to get local access to the files.  
> The people using linux use remote desktop to test web developments  
> in Internet Explorer and to use .
> hamish
> *disclaimer*
> i am the odd one out who uses linux but runs eclipse. i run linux  
> as we do not have full control of our development environment and  
> it is difficult to test perl modules without asking our systems  
> administrator to install them. i use eclipse because i like editing  
> with tabs (like browsing with tabs in firefox).
> >
> > Also, can anyone tell me what desktop environments are in use among
> > developers at Yahoo or Google in Australia?
> >
> > I have hypothesized that most Perl development shops use Linux  
> desktops or
> > offer the developers a choice, but I'm wondering how correct that  
> is.
> >
> > K.
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