[Melbourne-pm] Desktop environments

Hamish Carpenter Hamish.Carpenter at its.monash.edu.au
Tue Feb 13 19:55:12 PST 2007

Kirrily Robert wrote:
> A question for those of you working full-time in Perl development: may I
> enquire as to the size of your team, and what desktop environment(s) your
> team uses?

I work at Monash University on their portal which is written in mod_perl and HTML::Mason. We have a team of approximately 12 developers, including 3 senior developers. 

All development work occurs (via ssh) on our development server which is running Linux (like what Gerard said).

Most developers run the Monash SOE (standard operating environment) which is currently Windows XP SP2. They predominately use PuTTY to ssh into the development server and edit code using Vim. A single developer uses the Komodo IDE which is x-forwarded to windows from the development server (these are the only editors installed on the development server).

Oddly enough (IMHO) for a team of perl developers, only two people run linux (ubuntu) as their primary operating system. Of these two, one uses vim remotely and the other uses eclipse with the EPIC perl editor plug in via an NFS mount to get local access to the files. The people using linux use remote desktop to test web developments in Internet Explorer and to use .


i am the odd one out who uses linux but runs eclipse. i run linux as we do not have full control of our development environment and it is difficult to test perl modules without asking our systems administrator to install them. i use eclipse because i like editing with tabs (like browsing with tabs in firefox).

> Also, can anyone tell me what desktop environments are in use among
> developers at Yahoo or Google in Australia?
> I have hypothesized that most Perl development shops use Linux desktops or
> offer the developers a choice, but I'm wondering how correct that is.
> K.

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