[Melbourne-pm] Reminder: Perl Monger's Meeting 14th Feb

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Tue Feb 13 19:13:51 PST 2007

This months meeting is sponsored By Flatrate Recruitment.

Hi All,

Just a reminder about the  meeting tonight.

        Date:           Wednesday 14th February 2007
        Time:           6:30pm                                                       
        Location:       Level 8, 14 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne                
			(The usual place)

(If you are late a notice will be posted with a mobile to call. Someone will come down and let you in)

* First up we will have a talk from Andrew Stuart about some excellent Perl related career oppurtunities.  Andrew and Flat Rate Recruitment are sponsoring this meeting by providing pizza and drinks. A big thank you to Andrew and Flat Rate Recruitment.

* The talks tonight will be Lightning talks about some of the large number of useful modules available on CPAN.  Currently we have talks voluteered by:

Alfie John
Simon Taylor: AI::Genetic -  A pure Perl genetic algorithm implement
     Touching on:                                                                    
       roulette-wheel selection                                                      
       tournament selection                                                          
       fitness functions                                                             
       what a "fitness landscape" is                                                 
       and the trouble with local peaks in the fitness landscape  
Rick Measham: PDF::API2: How to generate valentines cards.
Paul Fenwick: Whats new in perl 5.10

(If I have forgotten anyone please reply to this message with the details)

Don't worry.  There is still time to create a talk and we will accept talk nominations up until the start of the meeting.  If you are still looking for modules to talk about just drop over to 


take the module it suggests and tell us a bit about it.  You might include:          
        * what it does                                                               
        * basic synopsis                                                             
        * possible uses                                                              
        * its cpants/kwalitee/cpan ratings                                           
        * who wrote it                                                               
        * similar modules                                                            
You can do this even if you never knew the module existed before and thus have       
never used it!  Help us give a whirlwind tour of CPAN!

* After the talks are finished there will be pizza and drinks for everyone couresty of Flat Rate Recruitment.

I hope to see you there,

Ben Marsh
Melbourne Perl Mongers.

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