[Melbourne-pm] Desktop environments

Kirrily Robert krobert at realestate.com.au
Mon Feb 12 22:33:07 PST 2007

Jacinta wrote:
> Kirrily Robert wrote:
> > I have hypothesized that most Perl development shops use Linux
desktops or
> > offer the developers a choice, but I'm wondering how correct that
> For our general enrolment courses we tend to have about 50% of people
> they expect to develop Perl under Windows.  These use the Perl install
on the 
> desktop.  The rest ssh into our Linux machine.  I can't say what kind
of Unix 
> system the rest are used to using, as we merely differentiate between
> and Unix-like.  Mac users bring their own machines ;) -- actually I
suspect they 
> just pick Win or Linux as they desire.
> We also don't ask what kind of end-machine they expect their code to
run on. 
> But about half expect to _develop_ on some Microsoft operating system.


Is that the same across all your courses, from the introductory to the
more advanced ones, or do you see the preferences shifting?  And, do you
have any feel for how many of your students are full-time Perl
programmers vs how many might use Perl part-time in their jobs, for
instance as sysadmins, and how many are working in a team of
Perl/LAMP/etc developers as opposed to being a lone Perl programmer?


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