[Melbourne-pm] DateTime::new

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at rea-group.com
Sun Dec 9 17:05:34 PST 2007

Tim Connors wrote:
> I've got code that makes extensive use of DateTime::new via 
> DateTime->from_epoch() and 
> DateTime::Format::Strptime->parse_datetime()
> I've recently noticed a rather large regression in speed of these calls 
> (factors of many).  I don't think it's the actual modules, since I hadn't 
> touched CPAN in quite some time, and I recall having upgraded my 
> distribution's perl in the past to version 5.8.8 I think (from somewhere 
> around 5.8.0), balking at the speed of these calls, downgrading back to 
> whereever it came from and seeing the speed go back to a good healthy 
> speed again.
> However, looks like the distribution (centos 4 == redhat enterprise 4) has 
> forced an upgrade of perl to 5.8.8 this time, and I get the slow DateTime 
> calls again.
> Would anyone have any idea as to what might have changed?

Yep, that'd be the backported bugfix for the bless/overload issue that
CentOS/RHEL has.
Expect modules that use those heavily to take HUGE performance hits.

Some Catalyst/DBIx::Class apps I wrote are almost unusable on those two
distributions as a result :(

You can roll your own vanilla Perl.. Or else Ubuntu/Debian/Gentoo seem
to have non-borked Perl in their distros..


Toby Corkindale
Software developer

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