[Melbourne-pm] Recruitment Hall of Shame: Exhibit #000021

Rick Measham rick at measham.id.au
Fri Dec 7 15:28:56 PST 2007


No idea how universal seek's URLs are, so here's the advert's text:

Perl Technologies Systems Administrator - South Hampton Location.

     This is a large online advertising company looking for an IT Perl 
Technologies Systems Administrator/Operator.

     You need;
         * 1 year minimum experience
         * Display good understanding of Perl Technologies Systems.
         * Have good communication skill
         * Have strong computer skills

     if you fit the above criteria then i would recommend you apply for 
this great opportunity

     this is a permanent position offering an excellent salary package.

     Apply now by clicking the link below.


OK, so what do we have here? Something called a Perl Technologies 
Systems Administrator. I can't find any systems called 'Perl 
Technologies' that would require an administrator, so I guess I can't 
display a good understanding. (There is a US company, but they don't 
make 'systems') So I guess that counts me out of the 1 year experience.

But what's with the last dot point? Strong computer skills? Who writes 
this crap?

The only comment I will make on the lack of capital letters is to add to 
the exhibit the précis that came in seek's email:

> Are u IT Qualified? Do u have an understanding in Perl Technologies? Are you looking for employment with a large repretable company? f so then read on

If YOU are the EMPLOYER who hired these people to find someone: GO 

Rick Measham

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