[Melbourne-pm] Any Adelaide Perl Mongers out there?

Kirrily Robert skud at infotrope.net
Wed Aug 29 18:22:36 PDT 2007

On 8/29/07, Toby Corkindale <tjc at wintrmute.net> wrote:
> Jacinta Richardson wrote:

> > Perhaps you can make one of these?  What are the dates you're in town?
> > Would you like to give a talk?
> I'll be in town from later today to around the 14-15th of September, so
> I'll be able to make the 11/09 meeting.
> I don't have anything in mind for a talk at the moment, but if I come up
> with something I'll let you know. (I have a couple of brief ideas that
> are more like discussion topics rather than talks)

MPM's pretty informal, so bring your discussion topics even if you
don't come up with anything offically talk-like.  We've recently had
some good discussions that way, eg. the last meeting I was at had one
on agile development.

> Until recently I was living in London, and although it's been good to
> see old friends in Adelaide, I'm visiting Melbourne with a view to
> possibly moving there.. As much as Adelaide has changed over the past
> five years, it still feels like many things are not represented there at
> all.

Hey, it's got... um... lots of churches?  Yeah!


Kirrily Robert
skud at infotrope.net

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