[Melbourne-pm] RFC: Perl jobs mailing list guidelines and submission form

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Tue Aug 7 22:49:02 PDT 2007

G'day Kirrily,

Thanks for your feedback, I've tried to incorporate them as much as I can.

> "Development process" as a radio button selection seems limited.  Many
> places use a hybrid, or vary depending on project, or whatever.
> Perhaps provide a textarea with descriptive text linking to some of
> the examples given on the list?

You suggest a text area and Josh suggests keeping it as radio buttons.  What do 
others think?

> You don't mention travel/telecommute; I know jobs.perl.org does.
> Perhaps you could add them?  Would you accept job ads for
> international (non-AU/NZ) companies that are looking for
> telecommuters?  What about international companies that would
> particularly like to recruit Australians and will facilitate
> visas/relocation?  I think those would both be worth hearing about,
> but I'd want them to be up-front about what's going on.

I haven't really thought much about travel/telecommuting.  Nor of companies who 
want to poach Australians.  How/where would you address these things in my form?

> That'll do for now ;)

That was excellent feedback!  ;)

All the best,


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