[Melbourne-pm] RFC: Perl jobs mailing list guidelines and submission form

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Mon Aug 6 16:33:07 PDT 2007

Andy Kelk wrote:
> I think most of these questions would be better answered by the
> development team rather than the recruiters. It might be beneficial to
> recommend that recruiters get help when filling it in. Otherwise you might
> get some funky results.

Good point.

>> * Any other feedback.
> "Link opens in new window" (when hovering over the "Joel Test" and "Why
> use Perl?" links). It doesn't.

As I found out last night, the "target" link in anchor tags has be deprecated in 
XHTML Strict.  There's a work-around, but I haven't implemented it yet, so the 
hover tags (titles) are lying.  Thanks for the reminder!


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