[Melbourne-pm] RFC: Perl jobs mailing list guidelines and submission form

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Mon Aug 6 16:26:28 PDT 2007

David Dick wrote:
> Jacinta Richardson wrote:
>> * Have I missed any really important _options_ in my multi-option 
>> questions?
> For the "other" options, it would probably be useful to have a text box 
> to describe what "other" option is

Yup, I want that too.  :)

>> * Any other feedback.
> How about a "preview" button so a company can see what their ad will 
> look like to a potential employee?

There aren't any buttons yet (I hope) but yes, they'll get a preview of what 
their email will look like and will be able to rewrite and preview until they're 

> And something tells me that, one way or another, the ansa's to the joel 
> test questions are gonna be funny... :)

When I did more consulting, we'd have clients who wouldn't even rate 1. 
Generally they responded well to good advice however.  :)

Thankyou for your suggestions.

All the best,


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