[Melbourne-pm] No Meeting?

blm at woodheap.org blm at woodheap.org
Tue Apr 10 04:53:18 PDT 2007

* Christopher Short (crshort at gmail.com) wrote:
> Okay, just checking - there's no Perl Mongers / Open Source meeting tomorrow?
> >From the look of the 'osdc_clubadmin' list it appears that way.

Hello All,

As per the announcement on osdc_clubadmin there is no OSDClub meeting
tomorrow at Editure.  This decision was based on the close proximity of the
meeting to Easter and the lack of organised talks.

For future reference if anyone has anything open source related (not just
Perl) that they want to talk about or are interested in hearing more about
please do not hesitate to discuss via email on the OSDClub emailing lists 
listed at:


Best regards,

Ben Marsh
Melbourne Perl Mongers

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