[Melbourne-pm] Mod_perl2

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Thu Sep 14 16:45:43 PDT 2006

On 14/09/2006, at 17:25, Daniel Pittman wrote:
> In both cases I see these as generally bad candidates for in-process
> work, because:
>  * both perform long running, blocking operations on system resources
>  * both may generate large volumes of dynamic data
>  * both may need to be terminated in resource-exhaustion situations
> Now, mod_perl works OK in the same situation, but it is nicer to
> isolate those risky processes away, in my eyes.  I can see how folks
> could disagree with that assessment though.  :)

I don't disagree. The problem with our example above is it is a  
little over simplified :-)
e.g. in my example it uses a image thumbnail code, and a simple  
But of course a gallery could generate images and more that fit into  
your category.
Comes back to the usual answer though - there is more than one way to  
do it, and they should each be evaluated depending on the specs :-)


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