[Melbourne-pm] XML::Xerces

Malcolm Herbert melbourne-pm at mjch.net
Sun Sep 10 17:42:25 PDT 2006

On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 10:31:52AM +1000, leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au wrote:
|Well done - so it works but code and tests are out of sync ? Taking the
|tests to be the 'spec', the code needs to be patched.
|Until then, just make sure you wrap the code that dies in evals.

... from my understanding of the code, it already was ...

|Given that your working with X::X 2.7.0 and that came out in March, you
|may have a hope of getting this looked at by the developers (then again
|that?s the first new code for 2 years) - especially if you can come up
|with a patch to the perl (XS code I guess) to handle the exception.

hmmm ... we have an already-compiled and working version of the module
running on Solaris 8, compiled against Perl 5.8.4 with the 64-bit 
integer options ... we're wanting to get it running on Perl 5.8.7
and Solaris 10, but I don't know enough about the differences between
these two to make a guess as to why this would fail to utterly ... 

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