[Melbourne-pm] Tidyview now available from CPAN

leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au
Mon Oct 16 17:52:51 PDT 2006

I'm very pleased to announce that tidyview is now available from CPAN.

Tidyview is a Tk-based GUI previewer for perltidy's many options, to help ease the pain of trying to find just the right set of options for your, or your organisations, preferred coding style. Having a consistently applied coding style, driven by a coding standard if required, is a big aid to QA and debugging.

Tidyview can read and generate perltidy config files, and displays your code before and after being formatted with the currently selected set of perltidy formatting options. Once your happy, just hit the "Save perltidyrc as..." button and you have a config file for all your code. Tidyview displays its own code if you don’t supply a perl file for it.

Currently it only has Tk-bindings, but patches integrating other bindings are welcome.

It also has dependencies on Perl::Tidy (part of the perltidy application), Log::Log4perl and version. version.pm is a bit problematic for people on case-insensitive filesystems (win, cygwin etc) - it conflicts with Version.pm. version.pm is used for the qv() operator, so we can test the version of Tk and generate the right (that is, supported by that version) set of widgets. Tidyview supports Tk back to early Tk8 releases. Log::log4perl is there to help me during these early alpha days, I will remove it one day.

CPAN link - http://search.cpan.org/~leif/tidyview-1.09/

Code is also hosted at sourceforge.

Note - some people feel that perltidy isn't safe to run over their code, for fear it will change the semantics (meaning) of their code. As far as I am aware, there are no bug reports against perltidy stating that this has happened. I've heard TheDamian once wrote a program for a perl obfuscation competition that wasn’t tidy'able (selfGOL). This code seems to be hard to track down so I haven't had a chance to confirm this. I feel pretty confidant that semantic changes arent a problem. However, if people really want, I can add a dependency on PPI::Signature to compare the parse trees before and after tidy'ing, to guarantee semantic identity.

Leif Eriksen

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