[Melbourne-pm] Rescheduling April's meeting?

Andrew Savige ajsavige at yahoo.com.au
Mon Mar 27 04:31:42 PST 2006

--- Jacinta Richardson <jarich at perltraining.com.au> wrote:
> As you would have seen last week, Andrew Savige will be in town shortly. 
> Andrew is the author of Acme::EyeDrops and Archive::Tar.

Jarich, thankyou for the kind words. However, I must point out that I'm
not the author of Archive::Tar (though I was the A::T hoplite as part of
the Phalanx project).

> He's a great speaker and might even share with us the secret of how
> Acme::EyeDrops works.

Though I'm not a great speaker, I would be delighted to give a talk
at Melbourne.pm. I've been lucky enough to witness Audrey Tang, Adam
Kennedy, PJF and Jarich in action in the past year, which has inspired
me to try to improve. Alas, I've never seen Damian (who I'm told is
the best of them all and is rumoured to be writing a book divulging
his secrets of giving a great presentation).

I might add that -- like perl.net.au -- visits between Melbourne.pm
and Sydney.pm members should help build the Australian Perl community
and I encourage any visiting Melbourne.pm members to drop us a line
if you're visiting Sydney and we'll be happy to move our meetings
so we can meet up.

As for talk topics, after trawling through some of my old PM nodes,
I could give a talk on any of these subjects at fairly short notice:

 1) Tales from writing a RPN in Perl 5, Perl6 and Haskell

 2) PBP and CCS Book Review

 3) The Lighter Side of Perl Culture

 4) Writing Solid CPAN Modules

 5) Saturn obfu

 6) Acme::EyeDrops

 7) Testing and QA

 8) Audrey Tang's Sydney visit

If you let me know which of these topics interests you most, I can
prepare accordingly.

> I propose that we *do* move our meeting time for April from the 12th to the
> 19th as requested so that we can hear a talk from Andrew.  Of course I'm
> assuming that Andrew will whip us up a talk, but I don't expect to be
> disappointed on this score.

Yes, I'd be happy to give a talk. Thanks for inviting me.



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