[Melbourne-pm] MPM committee minutes for 2005

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Sun Mar 26 18:19:58 PST 2006

To the Melbourne Perl Mongers Committee members,

According to the rules by which the Melbourne Perl Mongers Inc is governed
(model rules):

20. (1) The committee must meet at least 3 times in each year at such place and
such times as the committee may determine.

and further:

31. Minutes of meetings
The Secretary of the Association must keep minutes of the resolutions and
proceedings of each general meeting, and each committee meeting, together with a
record of the names of persons present at committee meetings.

I am asking under 36.(2) for copies of those meeting minutes:

36.(2) All accounts, books, securities and any other relevant documents of the
Association must be available for inspection free of charge by any member upon

The reason for this request is to understand how and when the Melbourne Perl
Mongers Association chose to give control of organising, running and profiting
from the Open Source Developers' Conference (previously a subcommittee of
Melbourne Perl Mongers Association) to a third party (the Open Source
Developer's Conference Association).

I am further curious as to what measures the Melbourne Perl Mongers Association
took to resolve the monies owing to it by Open Source Victoria, prior to selling
that asset to the Open Source Developer's Conference Association, if indeed that
sale has been made.

For what it's worth, I am upset, as a fully financial member of Melbourne Perl
Mongers, that I was not informed by the *Melbourne Perl Monger committee* about
the transfer of responsibility of the conference to a third party.  I realise
that as a committee you have the right to make these decisions, but I feel that
this was a significant decision and one of which the membership should have been

All the best,


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