[Melbourne-pm] Wierd CGI Error - different displays for different executers

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Sun Mar 26 15:05:14 PST 2006

Sam Brent wrote:

> I'm not reading from a file exactly, I'm using LWP to get data from a
> webpage then reinterpreting that data and printing it on my webpage. 
> I don't think it's a permission problem, i've given chmod 777 to
> everything including the folder my script is running in and it's still
> doing the same thing.
> I think that's what you meant, I'm still learning UNIX so I may be wrong...
> If anyone else has any ideas I'd love to hear them.

G'day Sammy,

It's really *really* hard to debug someone's Perl problem without access to any
code.  Is it possible for you to condense your code down to something like:

	#!/usr/bin/perl -w
	use strict;
	use LWP;
	use CGI;

	# setup LWP just as you do for your script
	# do stuff with LWP

	my $cgi= CGI->new();
	print $cgi->headers();
	print $cgi->h1("a test");	# This prints fine

	# print something from LWP that doesn't work.

Obviously there would be code instead of most of those comments.  You'd then
make sure that this very small coding example exhibited the issues you are
having with the program.  Once you then supply this to us, we can have a go at
duplicating the problem, or at least reading the code to see what you're doing.

Without code, knowledge of your machine and much of the knowledge you have,
there's next to nothing we can do to help you.

All the best,


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