[Melbourne-pm] CPAN module

Rick Measham rick at measham.id.au
Wed Mar 15 01:29:47 PST 2006

Scott Penrose wrote:
> CPAN & Debian are virtually identical, as is all Package Management 
> systems.

I'd disagree here, but am happy to be wrong.

With apt you can have many repository sources, they are all searched for 
the highest-version number when you ask to install a given package.

With CPAN.pm you give it a list of repositories, but that's only for 
high-availability. The module gets an up-to-date module list from the 
first repository that is willing to give it. Recently the repository 
I've been using here in .au stopped updating and so I had no new sources 
since December 18th. CPAN.pm gave me a warning, but didn't bother 
checking any other mirror for a more up-to-date list.

When I ask to install a module that list is considered canonical. 
CPAN.pm does not check any other repository for any other version. You 
cannot set up a new CPAN repository with a single module and put that at 
the top of your urllist, and have all other modules installed from the 
second preference.

Many apologies if I'm wrong :)

Rick Measham

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