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Gerard . gerardaus at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 22:31:27 PST 2006

I would want it to be just like flickr.com, with some slick AJAX features :)


On 3/13/06, Scott Penrose <scottp at dd.com.au> wrote:
> Hey guys
> For those who were at my Catalyst talk you will know that one of the
> reasons I really like Catalyst is that it encourages you to do the right
> thing and separate your data from your web application and from your
> presentation.
> For this reason, I write APIs (Perl Modules) that have nothing to do with
> even the internet or the web or HTML to manage data.
> So I am on my next quest. I have been working with MyPhotoGallery from
> Fuzzy Monkey - http://www.fuzzymonkey.org/cgi-bin/newfuzzy/software.cgi
> It does everything I need - basically - it allows you to create an
> arbitrary directory of images - and the interface shows you the directories,
> thumb nails, pagenated, watermarked - all the usual graphics stuff without
> the crap - just the viewer - and just on images in directories - no
> reinventing the wheel, no mysql Database etc.
> Anyway it got me thinking about using this code - it is completely all of
> the wrong things - it is bad procedural code, it has lots of non-use-strict
> (I know some people like 'use strict is gay'), it has all the HTML mixed up
> in the code - and the list goes on.
> I have started using the concepts to write a Catalyst modules - I am
> hoping to do it in such a way that the component can be used outright or
> modular as part of another system - thus encourage reuse.
> But I digress - back to the original part of the topic - what API. So back
> to my other gripe about APIs which is high level APIs - when we are in
> Windows we can access a User or a Capture Device - these are a single API -
> people can add a video camera or a scanner or a slide scanner or ... - and I
> can write a simple script to get a picture that is effectively future proof.
> Another few steps back... I want a Gallery API in Perl - preferrably one
> we can extend to have multiple backends - so those that think it is
> necessary to use MySQL to store original data for an album - can do so,
> while I stick to my directory and file system.
> Anyone know anything close? I want to keep it tiny - any special requests
> that people would need?
> Scott
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