[Melbourne-pm] Picture Management API

Mathew Robertson mathew.robertson at netratings.com.au
Mon Mar 13 20:55:09 PST 2006

> But I digress - back to the original part of the topic - what API. So back to my other gripe about APIs which is high level APIs - when we are in Windows we can access a User or a Capture Device - these are a single API - people can add a video camera or a scanner or a slide scanner or ... - and I can write a simple script to get a picture that is effectively future proof.
> Another few steps back... I want a Gallery API in Perl - preferrably one we can extend to have multiple backends - so those that think it is necessary to use MySQL to store original data for an album - can do so, while I stick to my directory and file system.
> Anyone know anything close? I want to keep it tiny - any special requests that people would need?
Hi Scott,

What is it that you are asking?   Do you want a scanner/camera API for CGI?


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