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Mathew Robertson mathew.robertson at netratings.com.au
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Correct - and he has every right to make his own decisions.

That said, if I take a leaf from Linux kernel development or the Gentoo 
package tree, I can easily overlay a snapshot branch of any package I 
like, simply by setting an environmental variable.  The point being that 
I can happily release my own version of H::T without breaking anyone 
else's version.  And I can do this without forking the namespace.

Having looked at CPAN module install semantics, I was under the 
impression that it was possible for two independent people to upload 
their modules.  Then using the cpan shell, a user could fetch a specific 
developer's version of a package, as in:

cpan>  install M/MA/Mathew/HTML-Template-2.8_01.tar.gz



leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au wrote:
> The decision to create a new namespace has already been made for you by
> the H::T developer - he doesn't want your extra features in his
> namespace, so you need another.
> Did he give a reason - I suspect he felt the new features didn't fit
> with his idea of what H::T should do. The doco and design seem to
> indicate they have refined H::T to be exactly what they want.
> L
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> hmm... I was hoping there was something more akin to a 'developer tree' 
> which would allow updates to a package, but not  be part of an 
> "official" package.
> Scott Penrose wrote:
>> On 09/03/2006, at 10:13, Mathew Robertson wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> I use a CPAN module called HTML::Template, which is used as a
> web-page
>>> templating engine (in a similar vein to Template-Toolkit).
>>> I have made some changes to increase its functionality - which
> amounts
>>> to about 20% of the code (ie: not a small patch).  I have suggested
> that
>>> some of these changes be added to the real module, but the developer
>>> isn't interested.
>>> Since I dont really want to do a complete fork of the code, as the
>>> existing community is quite lively...  The question is, is there a
> way
>>> to release a modified version into CPAN?
>> No not really, and that would not be fair either - you can't have two 
>> bosses of one bit of code.
>> But you have already touched on the answer - fork it and release as a 
>> new module.
>> eg:
>>     HTML::TemplateX
>> Or maybe
>>     HTML::Template::Extended
>> Once you do that - and that is fair and safe - you can then encourage 
>> the use of your changes. If the changes are good and acceptable, then 
>> people will use that module instead - eventually it will become the 
>> standard, and probably even get incorporated or replace the old one.
>> This is not unprecedented - quite common actually :-)
>> Scott
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